Today, Renzi is a fact facing the market as a group of enterprises of Logistic Services, motivated by the same continuous and constant research of the quality excellence, aimed to gain the confidence of the customers offering professional competence, qualification, innovation and service.

Organization flexibility, professional competence and observance of the code of behavior and of the procedures of our system of business management are the guideline of our modus operandi. Our customers shall have the feeling to be always partnered in every circumstance they must face.


We have been sponsoring since ever an organization strategy unbound from ready-made and geared management packages, on the contrary we sustain the need of a management bound to the environment of every single business.


Engagement, care, liability, prevention for safety and environment in all its aspects, from the site up to the road haulage, training activities of the whole personnel are priority aspects for every business choice.

The assets making a business and our guidelines base on few but valid principles that we learnt as time went by: they include the engagement to comply with the requirements of the customers, to continuously improve the effectiveness of our system of business and management, to the observance of the code of behavior and of the procedures belonging to the business management of the group, to the management of complaints and non-conformities, to the enhancement of the business competences and to the education/training of our own resources as well as to the employment of in-/out-business personnel owning the qualifications and competences required in order to perform their tasks.