Facilities and warehouses

We have more than 50,000 sqm. indoor divided into 12 warehouses.

Buildings for the warehousing of dangerous goods have very high safety features, able to satisfy as well the most careful business: fire-prevention plants, fire doors, fire detectors, containment basins and pools, explosion-proof electric plants and means of handling of goods, well trained in-business personnel aware of procedures acquired through long-time experience. They contributed to create through the continuous training and updating an actual culture of the methods of transport of chemicals.


Moreover we are specialized in the implementation of the regulation foreseen for the warehousing of goods in particular for fertilizers and pesticides.

Our production site in Arzignano, started in 2002, belongs to a strategic plan of our enterprise, more and more attentive to the needs of its customers. It deemed important to engage itself in an investment plan building a plant for blending, manufacture and packing of liquid chemicals.

This plant is completely automated for the formulation and preparation of formulas and is able to deliver a monthly production of 400 tons. Two transit points, sited in Arzignano (VI) and Paderno Dugnano (MI) for the delivery of goods guarantee flexibility of the delivery times and are able to receive and forward goods transported by trailer trucks/semitrailers, containers, vans; they do services of packaged cargo, groupage and complete loads.


All our sites of warehousing and transit for goods are protected by indoor and perimetric burglar-proof detection plants.


We built an integrated logistic platform inside the production centre of Bayer at Filago (Bergamo), whose industrial vocation is since ever oriented to the respect for environment and for safety.


Our organization operates within the scope of the logistic platform in a chemical industrial reality among the most important ones in Italy: the first chemical centre obtaining both the certification ISO 14001 and the EMAS one.


We are specialists in the logistic management for chemicals with an experience accrued as well in the systems of safety management provided for by Italian Law Decree 105/2015.